There’s a baby on the way

I have a baby on the way. And for the last two weeks, this baby has given me insomnia and made me feel like I could throw up at any moment. Okay, no. I’m not pregnant. I’ve decided to leave my full-time writing and creative directing job to start a freelance writing business. It’s been a long-time coming, since I’ve always dreamed of doing this. But I just never had the balls to do it.

But I think this whole miscarriage-not getting pregnant thing has given me the courage. It’s taught me that there are a million what if’s, who knows and things I generally can’t control. And I can spend all my time being angry and confused about those things. Or I can get to work on the things I CAN control. And derive my happiness from that.

And frankly, it’s been an incredibly welcome distraction from all the baby-making business. For the first time in a long while, I’m really excited about something.

Unfortunately, all this scheming and networking and almost throwing upping has taken me away from my blogging duties for a few weeks. But once my full time job is finished and I am on my own, I’ll have more time to write the stuff I really want to write. So get ready world. This little dream of mine’s about to get birthed.