week 11 freakout

I’m still here holding my breath, waiting for the bubble to burst. It hasn’t yet. And I’m beginning to think there’s a possibility that it won’t. Well, some days at least. And then there are days like Tuesday, when I am convinced everything is going to shit.

We’ve been having weekly ultrasounds, and each week I can’t help but be pleasantly surprised to see there’s still a baby in there, growing, moving and beating its little heart. Tuesday’s ultrasound was no different. But the sonographer spent a little more time looking around and found a subchorionic hematoma (basically a small collection of blood in the uterine wall, outside of the amniotic sac).

She assured us it was quite common and would resolve itself on its own. But, of course, why should I believe a medical professional who deals with this stuff on a daily basis when I could believe my untrained, paranoid subconscious who’s convinced we are doomed?

I sent a frantic email to the nurse practitioner at Dr. Kwak-Kim’s office. And she reassured me that it’s common and should resolve itself. She advised me to reduce my activity level, refrain from any exercise, and discontinue blood thinners for 2 days, before restarting again at just once a day (until now, I’ve been doing twice daily injections).

This made me breathe easier. Until I woke up in a panic in the middle of the night wondering if two days without blood thinners would be long enough to cause a blood clot. Dr. Google comes up empty. Which probably means I am the only person to freak out about this, which leads me to believe what we all already know: I am a crazy-ass, non-stop, cannot-let-it-go worrier.

Just think about what I am going to be like as the mother of an infant. Running to the crib every 10 minutes, convinced she isn’t breathing. Incessantly google searching the meaning behind the color of his poop. At the ready to perform infant CPR on a 24-hour basis. I’m going to be cutting this kid’s food into tiny pieces until he’s 17 years old. God help us all.

But until then, we’ve got one more big milestone to get to: the 12-week OB appointment next week. If all goes well then, I may just take some of the bubble wrap off me and go out into the world as an openly pregnant woman.


9 thoughts on “week 11 freakout

  1. Hope the SCH resolves without incident and you have a good visit with the OB. My deadline for taking the bubble wrap off keeps seeming to get pushed back- had an 11 week OB visit (then was back on 11w4d for a heartbeat check after a spotting scare- everything was fine)- now I’m at 13 weeks. Trying to feel more confident, but it’s hard not wonder without hearing or seeing what’s going on in there.


  2. Happy 11th week!!xo. I too had a SCH from week 6 and resolved on its own by 16 weeks. I even called nurse at Dr KK’s office directly because of my concern (i troubled her a lot with umpteen emails a day:p). It is pretty common and you can just relaxx!!😊. 12 week milestone is a big one, but we always count days to reach 40 weeks😂


    1. Sooooo good to hear that yours resolved AND that I am not the only high maintenance worrier working with Dr. KK’s nurses. I always feel like I am burdening them with my worry and questions. But given the type of clientele they have, I guess that’s to be expected from everyone there.

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  3. You are doing great! I have seen so many women with an SCH on these blogs and all has been fine so your odds are very good that all will continue perfectly. Hope time passes swiftly to that next milestone.


  4. I never took the bubble wrap off, not until my babe was in my arms. And even after that, I bought an Owlet monitor so I wouldn’t have to do a breathing check every five minutes, it turns out there is a “poop gallery” on baby center for all of your poop googling needs and, oh, I still cut my four year old’s grapes in half! So yeah, all of your worries are normal! It might not be pretty getting to the 40th week of your pregnancy, but you will get there! And that is the most important thing. Fingers crossed that the pesky SCH resolves ASAP!


    1. Taking notes: owlet, poop gallery. Those are going to come in handy. And my child might not even know what a grape is until he/she trades for them at the school lunch table. So you’ll be way ahead of me there! Thanks for the support.


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