There’s a baby on the way

I have a baby on the way. And for the last two weeks, this baby has given me insomnia and made me feel like I could throw up at any moment. Okay, no. I’m not pregnant. I’ve decided to leave my full-time writing and creative directing job to start a freelance writing business. It’s been a long-time coming, since I’ve always dreamed of doing this. But I just never had the balls to do it.

But I think this whole miscarriage-not getting pregnant thing has given me the courage. It’s taught me that there are a million what if’s, who knows and things I generally can’t control. And I can spend all my time being angry and confused about those things. Or I can get to work on the things I CAN control. And derive my happiness from that.

And frankly, it’s been an incredibly welcome distraction from all the baby-making business. For the first time in a long while, I’m really excited about something.

Unfortunately, all this scheming and networking and almost throwing upping has taken me away from my blogging duties for a few weeks. But once my full time job is finished and I am on my own, I’ll have more time to write the stuff I really want to write. So get ready world. This little dream of mine’s about to get birthed.

5 thoughts on “There’s a baby on the way

  1. That’s awesome news, congrats! I too would love to make my full-time writing job freelance at some point, too, but it seems like such a leap! Good for you for just doing it! Are you on that site workingtonotworking? I’m not because I’m too lazy to get a portfolio site together, but my friend who is a full-time freelancer says she gets so much work from it.


    1. Thank you! Yes, it’s a huge leap. But I’m finding the hardest part is just deciding to do it. (Second hardest is the billions of emails to total strangers to introduce yourself.). I will hopefully be on workingnotworking soon. Apparently, there are so many people who want on that site, they’ve tightened the process for getting on. I had to have a friend who’s already on nominate me, then a committee will go through my portfolio to make sure I am legit. And who knows how long that takes. In the meantime, I’m finding that good old LinkedIn is the best tool. Out of curiosity? What city is your friend located in? I’m not in a major advertising market like New York or San Francisco, so workingnotworking may not be as great of a tool for me.


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