B.O. for a baby

Let’s play a game of Would You Rather. Except this time, there won’t be alcohol or the possibility of getting flashed by your chemistry lab partner. Ready? Would you rather be free from the grips of B.O. for the rest of your life, or have a baby? Would you rather be called Smelly Gym Sock Girl or That One Childless Woman Over There?

Last week, I started reading the book “It All Starts With The Egg” which talks about the science of egg quality and gives ideas for things you can do to boost it. So if you’re like me and have a big fat 0.0something when it comes to egg quality (AMH), it’s a book you probably rushed out and grabbed as soon as you heard about it. I did, and I started reading it like the bible. Thou shalt not eat non-organic fruits and vegetables.

In addition to outlining nutrition guidelines and beneficial supplements, the book brings to light all the toxins in the world around us that could be hurting our egg quality.

A year ago when we started trying, I made a conscious effort to rid my life of all BPA. So long, big plastic cups that hold a ton of water. Check ya later, fake Tupperware that’s now stained orange. But this book opened my eyes to other toxins in my life that I had never thought about.

For instance, I never considered that my kitchen coffee maker, which I drink from every morning (no more than 6oz though, thank you) is also likely overrun with BPAs that are slowly killing me and my eggs one 6 ounce cup at a time. Immediately, I quit coffee cold turkey.

But then there’s the phthalates. I didn’t know about the phthalates. I also had no idea how to pronounce the word phthalates. But I know now they’re bad. Oh are they bad. And they’re in everything. Shampoos, conditioners, body wash, lotions, perfumes, deodorant, anything with “fragrance” in the ingredients list. Holy shit, the phthalates! It seems these things are also leeching into my bloodstream and ruining my eggs. Forever.

So I immediately ran to Whole Foods, and got new body wash, new lotion, and new deodorant. All with all-natural ingredients and absolutely no fragrance. Yeah, take that you phthalates.

So here I am, thinking that I’ve mastered this whole egg quality thing. I must be so phthalate-BPA-And-other-random-toxin free that my eggs are going to become super eggs, like mini Arnold Schwarzeneggers all huddled up in my ovaries. Yeah, I think to myself, I got this now.

Until I raise my arms to stretch and realize that I have the worst case of Lady B.O. I have ever smelled. Damn, I miss my phthalates.

2 thoughts on “B.O. for a baby

  1. Haa, I did the exact same thing after reading that book about a year ago now – hello ceramic and steel french press coffee maker. But the deodorant is where I just couldn’t do it, I tried all the natural ones and none of them worked for me. I’ve settled for Dove solid unscented – it has the lowest of the Aluminum stuff that makes deodorant work and no fragarance. Oh and a good online source for pthalate and paraben etc free beauty products is http://www.beautycounter.com – their stuff actually works well and makes me feel better. Hopefully this helps 🙂


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